Wang Zhaoli hosted the convening of Harbin’s response to the development of new coronary pneumonia epidemic work

Wang Zhaoli hosted the convening of Harbin’s response to the development of new coronary pneumonia epidemic work

Wang Zhaoli stressed the rapid response conference in the city to respond to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic work leading group dispatching conference, and the fastest speed to prevent the epidemic transmission Sun Quan as concrete deployment December 2nd, Heilongjiang Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Harbin Municipal Party Committee Secretary, City Wang Zhaoli, a leading group leader in the neoguan pneumonia epidemic work, presided over the city’s response to the development of new coronal pneumonia epidemic work, and listened to the Office of the City Epidemic Prevention Command, and the Working Group Reporting and Expert Research Survere Suggestions, study the deployment of current epidemic prevention and control.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, and Municipal Capacity of New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work Commands Sun Hao deployed specific work. Subject, Zheng Daquan, Gong Xiamei, Cheng Xiaoming, Liang Ye, Liu Xingge, Yan Honglei, Sun Yunwen, Zheng Guo Zhi, Chen Yuanfei, Zhi Da Yong, Liu Yas, Yan Zhicheng attended the meeting.

Wang Zhaoli pointed out that at 0-14 on December 2, 3 cases of local neoplacton diagnosis were diagnosed in Harbin, which was a close contact person in Hazhou. All departments at all levels should quickly implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government deployment, according to the "early quasi-strict" requirements, fully strengthen the epidemic emergency command system, to quickly react, highly synergy, strict control, effective screening, and insist on Layer compaction responsibilities, with the fastest speed, and most powerful initiatives resolutely block the spread of the epidemic, and minimize the risk of the excess of the epidemic.

Wang Zhaoli emphasizes that it is necessary to fully understand the severeity and complexity of the current epidemic situation, running with the virus racing, fast, master the active, and strive to do business screening.

Make full use of information such as information such as big data and the base community mesh, strengthen the secrets of the people in Manchuria, Manchuria, Manchuria, to ensure that all risk people find all, and quickly take control measures to ensure non-leaking One person controls the hidden dangers in the fastest speed to minimize. Isolation transfer work should be coordinated, closely cooperated, and realize fast and safe closed loop transport. It is necessary to strictly standardize to focus on centralized isolation and home medical observations and strengthen social control.

Visiting the secondary nucleic acid testing, clarifying the nucleic acid detection method of different populations, optimizing the testing process and operating specifications, and all coverage do a good job. To strengthen data integration, real-time sharing, work collaboration, and effectively improve the speed and accuracy of information transfer. Wang Zhaoli emphasized that combined with the new situation of the new situation, it is necessary to dynamically optimize the adjustment of prevention and control measures, strengthen the implementation, especially in the rapid and refined implementation. Party and government leading cadres at all levels, especially the main leaders, to deal with the former command, personally arrest, can not be "licking the treasurer" to implement the fetitions of defense input, output, and internal proliferation.

To continue to do a good job in social guidance, continue to remind personal protection, constantly condense the powerful synergy of the epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely win this epidemic prevention and control. Sun Wei demanded that all districts (cities), and the city’s headquarters should fully activate the command system, quickly enter the emergency state, the main leaders must rely on the former command, match the strong prevention and control power, and go all out to do a good job of control measures implement.

Do a good job in the streaming and investigate all the risk people. Do a good job in isolation and transportation, do it within the specified time limit, all transport, and strengthen isolation hotel management, resolutely prevent cross-infection. Grasp the nucleic acid screening, strict operation processes, and strengthen assignment management.

Strengthen social surface control, strengthen the divisional management, strict management of the income and exit, and strictly manage the entrance and exit of the airport, railway, highway and other cities, and completely do a good job in killing, play a good sentist, and resolutely look at the door, manage people, Hold the position.

Strengthen information is sent, statistics should be "a mouth" does not mess, to coordinate the traffic investigation information data, the information is released in time and informative. Strengthen vaccination, extensive publicity of vaccination policy requirements and personal epidemic prevention knowledge.

The meeting was held in the form of video conferences, the relevant departments of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, and the main responsible comrades of all districts and counties (cities) party and government.

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