Xiamen Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment: Police "Hand" artificial intelligence to protect the "money bag" of the masses

Xiamen Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment: Police "Hand" artificial intelligence to protect the "money bag" of the masses

Moderator: Everyone all the netizens, here is the "comprehensive from Yan Jiji Forging Public Security Tiejun" in Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, Fujian, China

Today, the guests in our studio are Wu Shiyong, a deputy detachment of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau. Wu Deputy Director Wu has won the individual first-class work, second-class work, three-class merit each, and I have been honoring the advanced workers of Fujian Social Security Comprehensive Management, Fujian Provincial Public Security Criminal Investigation System "Cruising Escape". welcome! Wu Shiyong: The host is good, everyone is good! Moderator: First, please introduce the relevant situation of Xiamen police to fight against telecommunications network fraud? Wu Shiyong: Since this year, the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau has carried out the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses", constantly strengthen the anti-fraud work, and research and formulate the guidance of anti-fraud work, and overtractically promote the control of the war, in the province The first to promote the anti-fraud prevention and incentive mechanism, fully recover the physical object, seize the frozen crime, and take the initiative to persuade the defense, the maximum challenge, and strive to minimize the mass loss, hold the "money bag" of the people. Moderator: It is understood that Xiamen has established a new illegal crime center for governance telecommunications network. So after this center is established, what works in Xiamen police in combating telecommunications network fraud? Wu Shiyong: In 2020, Xiamen Telecom Network fraud criminal police declined, and became one of the few countries that decline in the country. At the same time, freezing and returning, returning the fraudulent funds each year-on-year,%, and the number of suspects arrested by electric fraud is up to 95%, 100%, respectively, 100%. From January to July 2021, the city’s telecommunications network fraud is more than a year-on-year. Moderator: With the continuous development of social economy, the criminal technique of criminals has also happened. For example, in the past few years, we can clearly feel a trend of telecommunications network fraud, in the face of such a transformation, our Xiamen police How is it going to deal with it? Wu Shiyong: First, we will take the lead in launching the anti-fraud reward mechanism in the province. On May 12th, the first quarter "anti-fraud can" commendation ceremony, 40 "anti-fraud can be" commended, while intercepted 76 Famous police, mens, volunteers, "a case one award", accumulating the reward of gold 10,000 yuan, the effect of mechanism empowerment gradually played.

Secondly, we take the country, the province’s live meeting, actively strengthen the relationship between the city, universities, and Internet enterprises, further enhance the data aggregation analysis capabilities, high efficiency output warning clues, timely discovery, to discover a large number of Xiamen area potential people, From January to July, the accumulated precision declaration is being deceived by thousands of people, and dissuading into power%, recovering economic loss billions, effectively curbing a situation of electricity. Moderator: The "early warning clue" you just mentioned, this is actually the control of illegal crimes to contain illegal crimes in time before harming the masses, then how does this "early warning clue" work? Wu Shiyong: We cooperate with experts from the domestic first-class colleges to apply artificial intelligence to police actual combat, research and development "Internet fraud website intelligence discovery" model, automatic analysis, bulk association, active identification of reflection, in order to carry out blockage, decade Provide precise guidelines.

By analyzing the victims of the previous fraud case, the large data analysis warning model is constructed. From the person with similar situations, the potential victim is actively discovered, and the judgment is accurately sentenced to the risk level. In the case of the case of the case, pretending to serve, online loans, online part-time fraud "traps", at any time, may be able to turn, is listed as an emergency warning; other privileges may be deceived, corresponding to high, medium, low Dangerous warning, grading classification follows the decade measure. Moderator: This should be the "Waft Police Cancer" in the New Pattern of the Public Security Department this year.

So, in the "allocation of anti-fraud", what is the innovation of the Xiamen police? Wu Shiyong: Anti-fraud work is not good at the public security, the effect is not good. Only social treatment, inoculation of "anti-fraud vaccine", the masses in the whole society will have anti-fraud immunity. Xiamen police will hit the governance of telecommunications network fraud into the comprehensive assessment of peace building, as an extension of the blackfish, give a single assessment, the highest score of the total assessment, and build a total social anti-fraud work pattern of co-construction sharing.

Xiamen joint office relies on the comprehensive management mechanism, the list of tasks, compactions the responsibility of party and government organs and industry authorities at all levels; regularly notify the party and government organs, the staff of the enterprises and institutions are deceived, guide all units to establish anti-fraud system, do Good internal management work. Moderator: What are the things we need to pay attention to in daily life? Wu Shiyong: The masses should pay attention to protect their identity information in their daily lives, beware of leaks, once they encounter fraud, first dial 110 to conduct alarm.

If you have any questions, you can also call 96110 national anti-fraud to advise the special line for consultation. Moderator: I am very grateful to Wu Deputy Director to visit our studio, share the experience and achievements of Xiamen’s criminal investigies in anti-fraud. thank you! Wu Shiyong: Thank you for the host, thank you. Moderator: Ok, today’s show is over, thank you for your attention and will. (Wei Pengfei, Lang Zhifei, Zheng Wei, intern Yao Na).