Suining, Hebei: Treasing "Network Red Rhyme, brand like Lin"

Suining, Hebei: Treasing "Network Red Rhyme, brand like Lin"

People’s Network Zhangzhou October 26 (Yuan Zigong) opened at Hebei (Sun Ning) first e-commerce culture festival on the 26th of Hebei (Suning), the first e-commerce culture festival of "e-commerce."

Representatives from Hebei Provincial Related Business Associations and key industries gathered together to discuss the development of e-commerce industry.

Wang Zhiro, secretary of the Suining County Committee of Hebei Province, said in a speech that the county will vigorously implement the "e-commerce county" strategy, and build Su Ning to become "net red, brand like Lin", to create a "entrepreneurization, let go Dreams of Dreams.

It is understood that Suning County is located in the hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin, has a very good industrial foundation, such as suede industries, spinning clothing, fishing gear industries, etc. In recent years, the counties have attached great importance to the development of e-commerce industry, and as an important carrier for implementing the "Internet +" action and the important starting of "public entrepreneurship and innovation", the county e-commerce has developed rapidly.

Suning County has been awarded the title of "National Digital Country Pilot County" "National Digital Village Pilot County" "National Digital Village Pilot County" "National Digital Village Pilot County" "National Electronic Business Enterprises County" "National E-Commerce Improvement County".

Wang Zhiqi said that Suning e-commerce is rooted in the local culture. It is spontaneous by the peasants, igniting the fire of e-commerce stars. In just a few years, it has gradually formed a trend of the original, and opened up an e-commerce road with suming sufficient. At present, the county took the lead in setting up the "Digital Economic Development Service Center" in the province, forming "156" e-commerce development pattern, namely one "super bowl live base", suede, spinning, fishing rod fishing gear, musical instrument, print 5 Industrial belt and Bo Tian, ??Shangde, Miqiao rice, source, Zhengning, Fenglei 6 e-commerce entrepreneurial incubator.

"Holding this e-commerce culture festival, it is to gather industries, channels, industry resources, integration tests, investment, education models, to promote cooperation, promote transformation, and promote transactions, and promote production, to promote production Transport, thereby promoting the development of local economy.

Sun Tao, director of the Digital Economic Development Service Center of Suning County, said.

Statistics show that Suning County has more than 30,000 online stores in 1688, Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms. The annual sales exceeded 15 billion yuan, directly or indirectly drive more than 80,000 employment, and the annual sales volume is over 70 million. It has increased by more than 50% year-on-year for 3 consecutive years, and it is expected that the issuance of this year will exceed 100 million.