Struggling a hundred years Road to set sailing journey · The party flag is fluttering in the grassroots level and highlights the modern pastoral life – Qinghai Changjiang Yuan Village

Struggling a hundred years Road to set sailing journey · The party flag is fluttering in the grassroots level and highlights the modern pastoral life – Qinghai Changjiang Yuan Village

  Xinhua News Agency, September 3, September 3: Feeling Modern Pastoral Life – Qinghai Yangtze River Village, Xinhua News Agency Wang Wei Everyone is particularly happy.

"After years, the old branch is more than Junjie still clearly remember the situation in the new village.

  Looking at the old photos before the relocation, more than the Nankier fell into the memories: "Before moving down, everyone is hesitating. After all, it is necessary to leave the grass farm of the generation, especially the old villagers, and the heart is nothing." In order to relieve the villagers Ideological burden, this old book for more than 20 years old and village cadres gave the villagers to explain the relocation policy to the villagers, so that everyone can rest assured.

  In November 2004, 128 households, including more than Junjie, who left the grassland living in Genesis – located in the Yangtze River River Basin in the southwest of Qinghai Province, moving to Golmud City, more than 400 kilometers away. South suburbs. In 2006, Changjiang Source Village was officially established.

  To move to a new home, you will start a new life.

"At that time, everyone will not be, don’t say that there is a cooking, many people will not do rice." More Junan said, in order to make everyone better adapt to new life, the Village Party branch coordinates Golmud City The relevant departments have opened a small classroom in the village. Teach you to use gas stoves, and hold a kitchen training course. It’s used to new lifestyles.

"Today, the lifestyle of the herders has not been different from the public.

There are more vegetables in the refrigerator, add rice, noodles and cooking vegetables, and before, and the wind dried meat has become a rare thing for guests.

With the help of the Village Party Branch, some herders have opened a restaurant in the village, cooking, snacks, but also pastries and desserts. "I have eaten it now, I haven’t used it before, I have used it now, and the days are getting better and better!" More Junjie said.

  Putting down the peak to the city, the source of income is a big problem for immigrants. "Although we moved down, we didn’t leave the grassland." 50-year-old party member hidden is a grassland management careman. Basically, all half a month will convene other management team members to go up the mountain tour. Every time three or four days, sometimes takes more than a week. "After moving down, our herders ‘herders’ herders have become the staff of ‘collar wages’.

"Tibetan security said," the country gives 1800 yuan for each tube staff every month, and the grassland award, you can’t eat it! "" Set up a grassland management careman, which solves the income issue of immigrants while protecting the ecological environment. Seeing the grassland ecological environment is getting better and better, and the enthusiasm of the management staff is getting higher and higher. Zhadawa, secretary of the party branch of Changjiang Yuancun, said, now, 194 grassland ecotubes, 33 wetland ecotubes, in the village, continuously strengthened the patrol and protection of pastoral grasslands and wild animals, Covering thousands of acres of prohibited pastoral area. Zashldaba said: "We are the children of the grassland, and it is obliged to guard our common home. Our party members have to play a pioneering model. Now there are party members in the cavity in the village. They are the ‘leader’ leadership of the tube team, leading the players to protect the grassland.

"The grassland on the original mountain is always not enough to eat, the grass is small and sparse, now go to the mountain, the grass is high and dense, and many wild animals can be seen each time.

Looking at the grassland is getting better and better, we are happy to be happy.

"Tibetan security said, waiting for the weather next year, he wants to take a child to patrol, give him a photo of the past, and look at the current grassland. In the newly built village History in the village, Yan Nanjie said to the party members of the village: "The party and the country have good policies, and we will definitely get better after our days! ".