Zhou Xing: The filmmaker must have the spirit of the craftsman.

Zhou Xing: The filmmaker must have the spirit of the craftsman.

  Recently, there are many friends who have love to watch movies, saying that they don’t want to go to the cinema to watch movies.

Why is this? "It is the aesthetic tired, and it is the type of movie.

"There is a friend telling reporters. On September 19th, the Dean of the School of Art and Communication Beijing Normal University received" Daily Economic News (Blog, Weibo) "interview with" Daily Economic News (Blog, Weibo) "interview with" Daily Economic News (Blog, Weibo) "interview A deep concern. As a professor, a doctoral tutor as a film college, he believes that it is necessary to change the current status of the Chinese film industry, and should start from the source movie education of the film industry. How to make the student of the film school can make true Expressing the content of emotion, not just a work that caters to the market. "Education is very important for the entire film industry, but current education presents a significant seventh condense. The seventh works occupy the mainstream after the market is booming, so that the entire movie market seems to be colorful, but leading, highlighting creation is very rare, limiting the role of climbing. Zhou Xing said.

  For the current type of type piece, Zhou Xing believes that there are now many educators’ direction.

He said: "Many education is summarizing type films, such as the youth film should say this, first look at pregnancy, pregnancy is a line, no pregnancy is a line. This is very ridiculous, this kind of education It is also dangerous.

Our culture, the biggest problem in education is still in a hurry, too urgent to violate the original intention of culture. The comedy is like this, the youth film is also like this. "Indeed, many viewers have begun to have aesthetically fatigue on domestic movies, I would like to go to download the old movie on the Internet, and I don’t want to enter the cinema to see the so-called" domestic large piece "released every week, because of the same quality, The audience may pay for one or two works, but the eyes of the audience are also bright. I have always had fatigue a day. "Last year’s film growth is too radical, people are too high for box office, this year’s box room growth rate is declined It is alert, let us be alert, if it is imitated, the same works like the cottage, I don’t know how to make progress, lack of creativity, will inevitably be aging. Zhou Xing said.

  So what should China’s movies should do? After years of high-speed growth, after slow cool, if you still have to go forward, how should these movie people face the movie industry? In this regard, Zhou Xing said that the movie needs to be expressed, the filmmaker should try to express the inner things, not a money, it is to make a touch of people.

The movie should be regarded as the needs of culture and spirit. If you want to make a movie, you have to have the spirit of the craftsman. If you do a movie is to be a person, do a good job in the spirit of people’s spiritual value, it will be unhappy. [Responsible Editor: Pay Shuangqi].