What are the precautions when using gas?

What are the precautions when using gas?

Original title: What are the precautions when using gas? 1. To educate children, do not play with gas stove valves, hose and other gas facilities to avoid a gas leak accident in a reversal of the valve or forgetting.

It is also necessary to educate children to play on the exposed gas pipes to prevent the pipe joints and leakage. 2. It is strictly forbidden to use air-burning gas to bake clothes, sheets, children’s diapers, etc., so as not to be baked by roasting.

  3. Gas stoves, water heaters and other burners are not allowed to be used in indoor use of doors and windows, and cannot be used in an environment where air is not circulated. 4. Do not hang the articles on gas facilities such as gas pipes, gas meters, and must not take a rope to prevent leakage from loosening.

It must be noted that the gas line is not allowed to use the gas pipeline as the ground wire of the electrical equipment, prohibiting the welding of the gas pipe to avoid accidents.

  5. After the gas facility is installed, the gas company should be ignited by the gas company, and private ignition trial should be prohibited by the gas company.

  6. Users must not extend gas tubing.

Household hoses must not exceed 2 meters, and both ends of the hose should be locked. Users must not be privacy, because the hose grows, increase the possibility of damaged and leakage.

For aging gas hoses, it should be replaced in time.

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