Xinhua International Time: China’s "Three Forces" continues to win foreign investment "trust ticket"

Xinhua International Time: China’s "Three Forces" continues to win foreign investment "trust ticket"

  Xinhua News Agency, September 7, September 7: China’s "Three Force" continues to win foreign "trust ticket" Xinhua News Agency, Joe Jihong, many major investment agencies in the world, recently explicitly expressed optimistic about China’s investment opportunities, and continued to cast "trust tickets" in China. In the context of global epidemic, the world economy is difficult to recover, China has adopted foreign investment in terms of economic growth, huge market, new vitality and improvement of business environment. Foreign investment is derived from the tough strength of China’s economic growth.

In the face of external uncertainty and multi-impact in domestic epidemics, mood and other multi-impact, China’s economy shows powerful toughness, continuous and stable recovery, and steady.

Last year, China is the only major economy in the world. In the first half of this year, China’s gross domestic product increased year-on-year, still one of the "reliable trains" that led the world economy growth. The Economic First Indicator Manufacturing Purchasing Manage Index is standing in "Rongwu" in 18 months, showing the continuous expansion of China’s manufacturing industry.

The "hard" strength of China ‘s economy translates into competitiveness to attract foreign investment.

According to Bloomberg report, foreign investors have continued to increase Chinese stocks since November last year, and the funds around the world continue to flour into China to highlight long-term confidence in China’s economy.

The strategic analysts of the investment bank Goldman Sachs believe that "putting on the global background, China has a strong economic and income growth potential." Foreign investment is from the new vitality of China’s huge market release. The second service will be held in Beijing, form a "matrix" with the Canton Fair, into the Expo, and become an important platform for China to provide public products to the world and share huge market bonus.

Finbar Cliti, Vice President of China’s Science and Technology Exchange Association, said that the total import of China’s domestic trade imports in the next 15 years will reach 10 trillion US dollars, and huge market business opportunities.

This is only part of China’s huge market potential. More than 1 trillion yuan of RMB, including the largest consumption potential of 1.4 billion people in the world’s largest and fastest-growing secondary income groups, constantly optimized consumption structure and innovation conditions, let China become a veritable "world" Market, and continuously bounce new vitality.

The "Business Confidence Survey 2021" released by the China EU Chamber of Commerce shows that about half of the visited enterprises indicate that their profit margins in China are higher than the global average, the proportion is much higher than last year. Foreign investment has stem from China’s trust in China to continue to improve the business environment.

In recent years, in the direction of marketization, the rule of law, internationalization, China’s improvement of the business environment has accelerated.

"Repair service" reform continues to deepen, "Optimize the Environmental Regulations" and the foreign investment method, the market access is negative list, the negative list of foreign investment admission continues to decrease, encourage foreign investment industry directory continuous expansion, self-trade test area Again, Hainan Free Trade Port is officially launched, the service trade union and the Expo will continue to upgrade … China declare to the world to expand the development of the world, optimize the business environment, and win foreign investment Recognize.

China’s financial industry is open an open order, the first foreign-funded securities company, the first foreign-funded sunscutive insurance company, the first foreign wholly-owned holding futures company, the first foreign wholly-owned holding public offer fund and other "first" have been born. In the first half of this year, China’s actual use of foreign capital growth increased.

China’s US Chamber of Commerce said in the latest "2021 China Business Environment Survey Report", in China’s foreign enterprises, the Chinese investment environment, two-thirds companies will increase investment in China.

Instructions in investors in various countries, China is still an important destination for global foreign investment. At present, global investment is still facing many uncertainty such as long-term impact, but there is reason to believe that China’s robust economic growth, huge market potential and continuous optimized business environment, will continue to translate into comprehensive competitiveness, and form an attractive foreign business Strong "magnetic force" of investment.

Just as Stephen Peri, President of the 48 Group Club, the United Kingdom that, for foreign investors, the future "best opportunity" is still in China.