Tax benefits enabling power, "new special expertise" enterprises Yong Pan Technology Summit

Tax benefits enabling power, "new special expertise" enterprises Yong Pan Technology Summit

Important initiatives this year, the tax department Baise City firm practicing new development concept, the service "specialist special new" enterprise development as "I do practical things for the masses," the full play to the functions of the tax department, help "new special expertise "enterprise checkpoints wins narrow, and climb the peak technology. To support enterprises to increase R & D investment, enhance innovation capability, enhance the core competitiveness, the country introduced a series of incentives.

It allows business R & D expenses of which one is the "hard core" policy of additional deduction.

For the precise implementation of tax incentives, Baise City Tianyang District Inland Revenue Department to "spring seedlings Run" act as a starting point, drawn form the backbone of business tax counseling team, to the "new special expertise" enterprises to carry out "one to one" special training, listen corporate tax-related demands, and fine professional counseling and interpretation on specific issues, open up the implementation of the policy jamming point, difficult to achieve tax incentives propaganda counseling from the "flood irrigation" to "precise watering" change, to help enterprises make full and good preferential policies. Founded in 2007 Guangxi million Shi Chi rare metals Technology Co., Ltd., is a "new special expertise" enterprises, mainly engaged in rare metals and mineral smelting, processing and sales, is the first to master a comprehensive resource of gold and silver, antimony Ore one use of recycling technology of technology.

"This year, the national tax incentives to reduce the real burden on us a lot." Turning to drop charges of tax cut bill, Guangxi million Shi Chi rare metals Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Financial Officer Wang Bo extraordinarily happy.

R & D expense deduction increased from 75% to 100%, the company nearly two years to enjoy the additional deduction of R & D expenses totaled the amount of yuan. In addition, they enjoy a high-tech enterprises reduced to 15% income tax preferential policies, corporate income tax relief million.

Recently, the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice, launched the "upgrade" the corporate income tax R & D expense deduction policies, declared in October 2021, allows companies to enjoy the first half on the basis of the additional deduction, add a quarter of concessions.

The dividend policy to allow enterprises to benefit from the conversion of "real money" for enterprise development into a strong driving force.

"We will be saved money into new projects, and continue to develop Houzhi advantage.

"Shi-chi Guangxi million rare metals company legal representative Zhao Changlin said the company is investing 500 million yuan, the construction of new rare metals mineral resources comprehensive development of clean and efficient recycling project a technological expansion, is expected to put into operation by the end of this year, will be processed in antimony ore about 40,000 tons of gold and silver, antimony, gold and silver anode slime and other intermediate materials 4,000 tons, annual output of refined antimony 20,000 tons, 10 tons of gold bullion, silver bullion 100 tons, annual output will reach 5.5 billion yuan. have the same feelings as well Baise Hao Hai carbon Co., Ltd. the company was included in the recently released "new special expertise" business Directory State Ministry, mainly graphite and carbon products manufacturing and sales, in addition to products sold to major domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises outside, also exported to India, Germany, Iceland and other countries. in the "State Administration of Taxation on the further implementation of research and development costs related to additional deduction of policy issues notice" was announced, Youjiang District, Baise City, the first time the Inland Revenue Department as a "new special expertise" enterprises with "tax chief service officer," according to the nature of business enterprises, production scale, enterprise combing the old and new additional deduction of policy difference, declaration of operational procedures and other policy points to help enterprises complete control of policy implications, familiar with the operation essentials.

Since 2020, the company enjoy a total R & D expense deduction yuan, enjoy the enterprise income tax relief yuan, enjoy tax relief environmental protection million. From R & D expense deduction increase the percentage to 100%, to the provisions of part manufacturing SMEs can hold over taxes in the fourth quarter, we continued superimposed favorable policies, which greatly enhanced the confidence and motivation in enterprise technology and product R & D . Looking to the future business development, legal representative of Baise Carbon Co., Ltd. Hao Hai Huang full of confidence: "We will continue to increase research investment, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in more segments!" According to Huang introduced, the company has It has two patents, utility model 15 authorized patents, and 21 patents and six utility model patent pending. (Luoshao Xiang Huang Ming Pan) (Editor: Pangguan Hua, Huang Yumei) share to allow more people to see.