Why is this skill competition so "fire"

Why is this skill competition so "fire"

10,576 employees registration, 492 people entered the finals through the online preliminaries, online training 52554 people, online platform views nearly 900,000 people … Recently, the first session of the province, hosted by the Jilin General Trade Union, Provincial People’s Office Employee Vocational Skills Competition.

The innovation of the competition adopts the combination of online lines, and the rewards have breakthrough over the years, which greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of industry workers to participate in skills, and the scope of employee participation and the company’s coverage are constantly expanding, and "open the door". On September 10th, with the three types of working skill competition finals in the Jilin Vocational Skills Competition Training Demonstration Base. The contest is designed to continuously improve the labor and skill competition system based on corporate position training and technology competition. .

"In the face of the difficulties and challenges of the epidemic, we actively innovate the forms and training methods of the employee vocational skills competition, organically combined with the online line, registration, online training, online preliminaries, online finals, Make employees to participate, be willing to participate, active participation, and expand the scope and coverage of employees to participate in the competition. "Sun Xiaofeng, Second-level inspector of Jilin Province, said.

Jilin Province has actively conducted online platform construction, adopting an open registration mode, and the number of applicants on various types is unlimited, and all types of type libraries, technical solutions are disclosed. After the online registration channel is opened, the player can learn from the platform material library, then participate in the theoretical knowledge preliminaries, the pre-match test paper is generated and automatically determined by the system. Excellent theoretical results can enter the finals, the finals are carried out in the form of actual operation.

According to statistics, this competition is available on the platform, and there are 2355 registration enterprises, 52554 online training, 8081 people in the online preliminaries, and various types of works enter the finals of more than 94 points.

Keeping the employee enterprise demand "This competition adheres to the work orientation of employees, the eye is down, facing the grassroots, and promotes the technical skill level of the pulse workers, and the actual needs of employees." Sun Xiaofeng said. According to reports, the competition highlights the characteristics, regional characteristics, industry characteristics and unit characteristics of the competition, and uses the lives and power resources. Longitudinally give full play to the city (state) and industrial trade union and Jilin Vocational Skills Competition Training Demonstration Base Industry Advantage and Positioning, landscape actively mobilize the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Communications Administration and other provincial parties to participate in enthusiasm, maximize employee participation rate And benefit.

At the same time, the competition project focuses on major strategies, major projects, major projects, key industries, etc., involving masonry, fitter, welder, CNC machine bed, repair, network and information security administrators, industrial robot operation adjustment workers, wipe 3 competition projects such as gray work, electrician, afforestation update, camp forest testors, mineral water quality inspection (inspection and quarantine) staff, drone operation, criminal technology.

Due to the actual fitness of the competition project, the needs of all age groups, various types of enterprises have triggered higher participation in employees and enterprises.

According to statistics, the number of employees and enterprises registered in the competition has the highest history. The reward breaks through the standard drilling, sawing, snoring … in the fitter final, saw the bow, the sound, and the sound of the sound.

Whether it is welded splash on the welder, it is still agile on the electrician stadium, and there is no extent of the big skills and excellent professional style.

"From the preliminaries to the finals, it is better to be more energetic, if you take the first place, in addition to getting a high bonus, you can also evaluate the provincial five labor medal, this is what I didn’t want to think before!" The contestants said excitedly.

The contest program is clear, and 10 of the top 10 of the finals can be promoted to the corresponding occupational qualifications or vocational skill levels, the first players of various types of works, and awarded the Jilin Province, the provincial people’s social sacred, and the top three in the past. The player granted the title of "Jilin Province Technical Expert", and gives the top 5 players to 10,000 yuan per person, 8,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan, 2000 yuan cash reward.

These rewards have broken through the province’s calendar standards.

According to Sun Xiaofeng, will further optimize the growth mechanism, incentive mechanism, service mechanism, and management and evaluation mechanisms of the employee. They have their own, allowing their value to be fully respect and realized.