Solidly promote the high quality development of unified front of colleges and universities

Solidly promote the high quality development of unified front of colleges and universities

  On December 9, Huang Xizhong, Minister of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Ministry of the Provincial Party Committee, Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance and Economics, Jiangxi University and Nanchang University investigated colleges and universities, and preached the Party’s representatives of the 19th National Plenary Session and the Communist Party of China. The spirit of the conference.

  At the Boya Art Center of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, the Cori Wenbo Pavilion, the Democratic Party House, Huang Xizhong visited the party and foreign representatives, on the spot, and exchanged the learning experience with everyone.

Huang Xizhong said that universities condensed a considerable number of party representatives. I hope that everyone can continue to deepen why the Chinese Communist Party can, why, why is the socialism of Chinese characteristics, and the "four awareness", firm "four Self-confidence, "two maintenance", based on their own job, and play the intelligence and advice.

  When Nanchang University inspected the Chinese National Community Conscious Research Center, "Rice Fishing Engineering" Project and Party Foreign Medical Experts, Huang Xizhong enhanced theoretical research, research innovation, research innovation, research and innovation, The act of participating in the epidemic of neozoitis is fully affirmed.

He pointed out that the party committee must further optimize scientific research and ecology, improve incentive mechanism, and actively guide the construction of the party’s technology talent construction innovation platform, carry out the integration of education and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and vigorously promote more research results to go out of the laboratory, go to the big market, Help construction "innovation Jiangxi". In the survey, Huang Xizhong emphasized that the party committee of colleges and universities must perform the main responsibility of the well-developed work, and constantly improve the operation mechanism of the leading group of the party committee unified front of the party committee, and effectively strengthen the team of the party outside the college party and the construction of the leaders of the United Front Cadre. Solidly promote the high quality development of unified front of the colleges and universities. (Reporter Liu Fei) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Sharing let more people see.