Yunnan West Double British Fire Brigade: Tight Pictures and Deepening "Two Learning One Do" Learning Education

Yunnan West Double British Fire Brigade: Tight Pictures and Deepening "Two Learning One Do" Learning Education

In the "Two Learning One Do" Learning Education, Xishuangbanna Team is deeply convinced with the party chapter of party regulation, and the learning plan layer has been extended to extend, and the learning atmosphere is very strong.

The party committee is arrested, from top to bottom, layers progress.

Organization guarantees "follow-up". The Party Committee of the Detachment clarified the top and down to catch party construction ideas, and research and formulated the "Party Committee Center Group and Party Bands Centralized Theoretical Learning Regulations", "Organization Working Method", "Grassroots Organization Work Guidance Opinions", etc. Education provides organizational security. Guide to build "walk out".

With the purpose of rectifying the weakness of the weakness, the "two studies and one do" learning education help work mechanism.

In recent days, members of the party committee have been responsible for the three grassroots party branches. The cadres of the political organs are responsible. By going through the party class on the grassroots branch, participate in the discussion study, participate in the democratic life meeting, organize party members, etc., constantly consolidate the grassroots party building work foundation Make sure "two learning" learning education is lateral direction, longitudinal direction.

Touch the "first".

The detachment is the goal of "Rationalization of the Organization and Continuing to Carry out" two studies, to ensure the students’ participation in the students. Each party member regrested the organization, participating in the party’s activities, enabling learning education to achieve full coverage. Twisted the key, learn education, and become a wind. Relying on institutionalism. In the learning education program, through the party committee, branch school, individual self-study, expert counseling, regular evaluation, etc., relying on the party member meeting, the party group activities, the party and class system, focus on how to adhere to the communication of the Communists belief, " Self-confidence, etc.

Relying on carrierology.

Play "Double Micro" new media advantage, actively explore the use of "Internet +" technology, innovate and develop "two studies and one" micro education platform, the whole state fire officers and soldiers share "two students to do" hotspots, difficult problems, and effectively Communicate, learn to move to the line, move officers and men’s thoughts, and move to the group.

Creating a atmosphere.

All party members wear party emblems, actively organize "100 days of the hand," the party members publicly promised, the party members’ pioneering, the advanced grassroots party organization selection, etc., create a good learning education atmosphere. Rating incentives. Formulating the issuance of learning awards and punishment incentives, launching the "two studies and one" activities to include the scope of daily inspections, incorporating the model grassroots party organizations, model communists and advanced grassroots party organizations, outstanding Communists, outstanding party workers selection activities, establishing Founding the correct orientation of the excellence.

Question orientation, rectify the disadvantage, and force the change.

Grab the core of the branch. Taking the party branch as the basic unit, it is implemented in seven organizations. By issuing a questionnaire survey, discussions exchange, etc. The grassroots organization is weak, discipline style, etc. Grab the key to the party members. All units are in learning, through at least one special teaching monthly, organize at least 3 times a month, at least 4 theme seminars, at least 4 theme seminars, etc., carry out the theme of "rereading the party constitution, talking to the feelings" theme teaching and "two Learn to learn what, how to learn, how to do "special learning discussion activities, distribute more than 110 books of series of learning books, hired Xishuangbanna Committee Party School experts to interpret the important spirit of the 18th National Sixth Plenary Session, grasp, Grasp" The foundation of learning, learning, learning, learning, learning, and truly understand the requirements of the party constitution.

Grasp the right to find and change the focus.

Combined with the "two recurring" work, organize the topic of the Seminal Life will be three times, from the level of ideology, organization, style, discipline, and conscientiously control the content requirements of the party regulations, all-round analysis, and "find" The gap, find a short board, find a problem, "grasp the rectification, promote reflection, and help progress."

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